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Grant Williams, Things that make you go HmmmMuch to his chagrin, Grant Williams has reached 30 years in finance.

Over that period, he has held senior positions at a number of investment banks and brokers in locations as diverse as London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore.

Grant is portfolio and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore and also one of the founders of Real Vision Television — an online, on-demand finance channel showcasing the brightest minds in finance.

A regular speaker at investment conferences across the globe, Grant blends history and humour with keen financial insight to produce unique presentations which have been enthusiastically received by audiences everywhere.

From humble beginnings in 2009, Things That Make You Go Hmmm... has grown to become one of the most popular and widely-read financial publications in the world.

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Now, for those of you expecting some groundbreaking insight into bitcoin’s place in an investment portfolio or a razor-sharp assessment of the technology, you will, I fear, be sorely disappointed in what follows. I realize that’s hardly the best way to begin a new year, but there is a level of sophistication and detailed knowledge required to opine on such matters in any useful way that I would never profess to having acquired over the past few years (though that same restriction would appear to be no impediment to many others).

Instead, what you will find are my own thoughts on one key aspect of the state of the cryptocurrency space – thoughts which, in order for you to calibrate them accordingly, emanate from the mind of someone who has been a fundamental investor for 30+ years and who, during that time, has seen his fair share of booms, busts, manias and panics.

Never have I seen anything quite like the crypto world. Not even close.

Well... that’s not quite true... Read more