Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon










Having uploaded the first edition of my new Things That Make You Go Hmmm... there has been one issue which a few folks have experienced and that is the problem with Flash.

As I explained to a subscriber, for some reason, Apple hates Flash more than Ming The Merciless did.

Until my native app is finished and ready to do to Apple what the M25 did to London (I mean bypass it - not throw it into complete chaos), I have provided a direct download link for a PDF version of each edition just like it used to be in the old days pre-Mauldin Economics.

If anybody has any problems, please drop me a line and I'll send you a PDF.

Thanks for your patience


7 thoughts on “Flash!……..(argh!)

  1. Please keep supplying the PDF version even after you build your own M25. Works on all devices and I can read the issue when I do not have internet access.

  2. Please keep an old fashioned PDF format available. Like others, I like to read things off printed paper some times, and also when I’m offline.
    Ian McAvity